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Are you looking for the experts in hotel and pub signage design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and repair?

Look no further, at Corporate Sign Solutions, we are the specialists. With extensive industry experience and a highly skilled team, we can show you how our signage can transform the premises. Signage can increase the visibility of your business.

The perception of your hotel’s brand is very important in attracting new customers and exterior building signage plays a large role in creating an image. To ensure you are perceived as one of the highest-quality hotels in the market, employ expert sign writers to create the appearance you want for the hotel.

We are happy to work collaboratively with you to ensure the design and manufacture of your signage is on brand and suits your look.

luxury hotel signs

About Corporate Signage Solutions

With a vast array of products including banners, LED signs, flags, office signs, poster frames, wall prints, neon lighting, window graphics and frosting and braille and disabled signs, no project is too challenging for us.

We happily travel interstate to service clients all around Australia and are proud to be counted amongst the best in the business.

Our impeccable reputation for professionalism and high quality delivery of projects is reflected in our strong, loyal consumer base

Stand Out with Our Pub, Hotel & Bar Signs

Signage that you have within venues is very important. There should be consistency and continuity in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.This helps your customers navigate with ease, relieving the pressure on your staff and giving your patrons a great experience. In today’s society,with so many messages,you need to stand out.

First impressions are a great way to do this. This impression can be imprinted in their minds for some time. Ineffective and a lack of signage indicates a low care factor, which can lead patrons to believingthe venue doesn’t care about providing a great service.

Great signage indicates a welcoming and professional environment, which encourages and promotes further consumption within the venue.

Refurbish Existing Signs or Start Fresh with New Pub Signage

There are many reasons you may need new hotel, pub or bar signs. Or you may just want to refurbish existing signs at your venue.

  • Branding

    has changed. This could be due to acquiring a new venue, changing the style of the existing venue, or undergoing a refurbishment.

  • New directional or contact information.

    You are receiving feedback that guests and patrons are having difficulty finding their way around or a sign has too much information, it should be changed to deliver ease of information accessibility to patrons.

  • New services, promotions, or special offerings.
  • This is a great opportunity to get noticed for other services offered and to showcase promotions the venue offers.

Custom Pub Signs That Interact with Guests

Hotel name signs and directional signs are a keyway to communicate and interact with guests. They allow guests to understand services which are provided, give direction throughout the hotel as required, and assist with identifying and locating amenities. Therefore, to provide guests with a safe, stress free and enjoyable experience, effective signage is a necessity.

Bar signs are a great way to identify the bar and create a point of difference. Many clients use Neon or brass bar signs to do this. Pub signs have grown exponentially in the last 5 years as brands try to create a welcoming hub where patrons can socialise with each other and feel excited by their bar decor surroundings.

luxury hotel signs

Our Types of Pub signs, Hotel Signs, & Bar Signs:

LED Neon signs

With advances in LED technology, this substitute is safer for busy areas and spaces where the sign is placed at a low reachable height. Can provide LED neon for both internal and external use.

Traditional neon pub signs

One of our teams’ favourite types of signage-great for both internal and external use. With its 360-degree glow, it is a fantastic option for medium to larger signage.

Custom signs

This can be any type of signage. If you have an idea, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can bring it to life. Personalised pub signs can be a great talking point in any venure.

Brand name signs

Usually this encompasses any type of signage refurbished with your brand. If you’re budget conscious this can be a great way to revamp the venue at a lower cost.

Bar Décor signs

Bar décor signs are usually neon, brass, or something different, like vinyl on a mirror.

Pylon signage

Pylon signage is usually illuminated lightboxes that identify the brand. Larger pylons can have a list of services or sub-brands provided at the venue.

Illuminated fabricated lettering

There are a variety of ways you can illuminate lettering, face-lit, edge-lit, or halo-lit.

Under awning lightboxes

These are usually illuminated and aims to identify the brand. Most pubs, clubs, and hotels have multiple and showcase other services and sub-brands. Today they are one of the most common form of light up pub signs as they are very cost-effective.

Awning fascia panels & lettering

Usually there is a variety between clients, some like simple and non-illuminated, others prefer illuminated and large. It just depends on the vibe of your brand and what you want to achieve.

Braille & statutory signs

A necessity for all businesses. This may include fire safety signage, identifying panels, toilet signage, or braille signage. There are a variety of ways to execute this type of signage –usually it is matched to the colours of the venue.

Directional signs

Most venues have some sort of wayfinding signage, whether it be for the toilets or to find the gaming room. This can really make a patron’s experience positive.

Frosting & window graphics

A simple and effective way to get either provide a message to the traffic passing by OR provide a bit of privacy to a specific area.

Attract New Customers with our High Quality Hotel & Pub Signage

Personalised pub signs are becoming very popular as brands try to create a differentiation point between themselves and competitors. Custom pub signs can be anything from light up pub signs to hotel name signs. These can be executed using all different types of signage.

The perception of your hotels, pubs, or bars brand is also very important in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. The exterior building signage and funky internal signs play a large role in creating an image and often create a memorable impression.

Contact our Expert Sydney Signage Team

To ensure you are perceived as one of the highest quality hotels in the market, it helps to have expert sign writers to create the appearance you want for the hotel. We are happy to work collaboratively to ensure the design and manufacture of your signage are on-brand. Signage can have a profound impact on your venue and the way it is perceived.

Very professional service. CSS provided us with a 3D raised sign on a panel. Job included of removal of existing letters and touch up painting. CSS were very also helpful to remove & dispose signage from our old premises. We called CSS again to supply a panel sign with vinyl graphics. The completed panel was ready next day. Great job Gary and Team. Highly recommended.

Monika Debicka / Lanxess

Corporate Sign Solutions were very efficient, they did a great job with our medical centre signage; reception, awning, directional, frosted glass, wall vinyl and light boxes. We will definitely use you in the future, thanks!

Victoria Naum / Mind Your Health, Medical Centre

CSS provided us with Neon sign, it is vibrant and eye catching turned out so much better than we ever thought! Such a professional and lovely team, thanks guys.

Ashor Khoshaba / Private