Looking to Buy Neon Signs in Sydney or Metro NSW?

Nothing demands the attention that your business deserves quite like a neon sign and custom neon light does.

For decades, neon signage has been utilised to make an immediate impact across a wide range of industries, with their warm, luminous glow never failing to draw the attention of passers-by like moths to a flame.

There’s a reason why iconic retail and tourist locations like the Las Vegas strip or the packed-out shopping districts of Tokyo see thousands of visitors flock to them each year – in an age dominated by aesthetics and vibrancy, neon lighting continues to captivate attention and make an impact.

Create Memorable Custom Neon Signs

At Corporate Sign Solutions, we specialise in providing your Sydney business with memorable neon signage and custom neon signs to make your shopfront the brightest on the block. As well as designing and creating neon signs, our friendly team possess the skills and experience necessary to install neon signage in your business or residential property, making us a one-stop shop for all your neon signage needs in the Sydney region.

We also provide a wide variety of signage solutions for all other purposes, including office signs and even ultra-modern LED signagecontact us to see how our signage expertise can benefit the interests of you and your business today.

Corporate Sign Solutions – The Neon Signage Specialists

Corporate Sign Solutions can design, supply and install a range of custom neon signs. Neon signs are trendy and highly effective. Neon Signage has a glow that can be seen from a distance and work well to catch the eye of pedestrians, helping the business stand out among competitors.

As a rule, custom neon is long lasting and inexpensive sign when comparing to other illuminated options.

Custom Neon Signs in Sydney

Corporate Sign Solutions has been designing and creating custom neon signs for over 30 years. Not only is it one of our passions, but we are motivated to help your business, event or space both look great and succeed.

Our team possesses the skill and experience necessary to install all types of custom neon signs in Sydney.

The first Neon sign sold was created in 1922 for Packard car dealerships in America by a company called Claude Neon. Traditional glass neon has been around for over a century and was one of the main commercial neon sign and lighting used for decades.

With advances in LED technology, we now have a substitute that is safer for busy areas and spaces where the neon sign is placed at a low reachable height.

Below provides information about both LED neon and glass neon, depending on your project would depend on what we recommend as both types of the neon sign have their pros and cons.

If you require any assistance with your custom neon sign, please contact us for a free consultation.

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LED neon signs

  • LED neon sign & lights can be used for both internal and external use
  • It has a 180-degree glow
  • LED neon signs can be made in various colours.
  • LED Neon signs need to be fitted into a channel which is usually fixed to a substrate, whether that is a panel, framing or wall. It all depends on how you would like the finished product to look.
  • Smaller signs can only be used indoors unless they are in a casing or away from weather elements.
  • The LED neon is more limited when it comes to intricate shapes and colours
  • Longevity for LED neon signs depends on which type of LED neon is used, what weather it is exposed to, indoor or outdoor, how long it is on for and if the sign is turned off – generally, you should get at least 3-5 years out of your sign.
  • Neon sign is easy to install and move for the general person
  • LED neon signs come with a power pack, clear cables, and plug – they can be plugged into a normal power point
  • Dimmer is possible for LED neon
  • LED neon sign’s price vary depending on colours, size and substrate requirements. To supply a small neon sign it would start from $550 + gst.
  • Safer for busy areas and spaces where the sign is placed at a low reachable height

Traditional glass neon

  • Glass neon can be used for both internal and external use
  • It has a 360-degree glow
  • Glass neon can come in a variety of colours – imported from UK & Italy
  • Glass neon needs to be raised off with supports, they keep it propped up from what it is being fixed to; bulkhead, sign, channel, wall etc
  • We may have to tweak the design to suit the minimum requirements for bending.
  • Longevity for traditional glass neon is 8-15 years depending on exposure to weather elements and how often you turn it off/on. Generally, the glass gets broken, or the transformer needs replacing.
  • Need an experienced signage tech or electrician to complete the install.
  • Glass neon signs come with a transformer (power pack), clear high voltage cables, and a plug – they can be plugged into a normal power point.
  • Dimming is possible; however, it will require someone with an understanding of neon to set it up as it is connected to the transformer.
  • Glass neon sign’s price varies depending on colors, size, and substrate requirements. To supply a small neon sign it would start from $600 + gst.

Neon Pub Signs, Restaurant, Bar Signs & More!

Neon signage is used for various projects and businesses including; pubs, clubs, restaurants, bars, gyms, beauty parlours, architectural projects, events, homes, art, pop-up stores, retail stores, and offices. We have not only been completing custom neon signs in Sydney but also nationally. This makes us a one-stop-shop for all your custom neon signs. Contact us today if you’re looking for a signage company to work with you on your neon project no matter how large or small.

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If you’d like to add a splash of colour to your Sydney business, then you should consider installing neon signs from Corporate Sign Solutions. With a wide variety of options available, we’re certain that we can provide the perfect lighting solution to give your shopfront the warm, inviting glow that it deserves! Contact us today for a quote.

Very professional service. CSS provided us with a 3D raised sign on a panel. Job included of removal of existing letters and touch up painting. CSS were very also helpful to remove & dispose signage from our old premises. We called CSS again to supply a panel sign with vinyl graphics. The completed panel was ready next day. Great job Gary and Team. Highly recommended.

Monika Debicka / Lanxess

Corporate Sign Solutions were very efficient, they did a great job with our medical centre signage; reception, awning, directional, frosted glass, wall vinyl and light boxes. We will definitely use you in the future, thanks!

Victoria Naum / Mind Your Health, Medical Centre

CSS provided us with Neon sign, it is vibrant and eye catching turned out so much better than we ever thought! Such a professional and lovely team, thanks guys.

Ashor Khoshaba / Private